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Jonny K’s Pugsley

Posted: December 26, 2011 by jonnykman in Meet the Girls
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Now ain't she purty!?

Jonny K’s Super Sweet Pugsley. I call her “White Ops.”

All right. So here’s the shake down on my girl. No disrespect o Salsa, Fatback, etc. All awesome bikes, but I had to go with the original…PUGSLEY!

Bought my Pug as a complete last year and have made several modifications to make her more like the Necromancer (Black Ops):

  • Rolling Darryl Rims for more floatation.
  • Spaced out my 11/34 9-speed cassette to 12-34 8 speed to clear them fat rims ‘n tires. (look for my post on converting to 80mm rims. It’s not as big a deal as Surly allows you to believe.)
  • Upgraded to to some sweet Grip Shift twist shifters from my 1998 Cannondale F-2000.
  • King headset of course.
  • WTB Laser Saddle
  • Tuvativ post and stem.
  • Surly 1X1 bar for breaking into liquor stores.

Future upgrades to include:

  • Surly flask holder
  • King BB