Wow, I’ve been whining about mud and balmy temps. We finally got a little snow. Maybe two or three inches. Just enough to start having fun on a Pug.

After sitting in traffic for an hour to get home, I headed out as fast as I could to get my 4-inch tires floating. I saw a few dudes rocking cross bikes. Suckers! They were cutting through it, I was floating!

I stuck to mostly the walking paths in Frick Park. Tooled down Braddock’s Trail and connected to the quasi single track along Nine MIle run to head out to the slags. I made figure 8s and sweet S’s in the gravel lot outside of the slags and spun down and then up to Summerset. I even explored the marsh lands around Nine Mile Run.

I headed back into the park proper and climbed Riverview to the top and circled the dog park and then dropped down the Bench Trail for a little more single track action. Total control. Pugsley was devouring it all. I headed to the Nature Center Trail. I avoided the wooden bridges as Pugsley has slow reactions. I kept it high and dry with a shit-eating grin plastered to my face dropping down to the Tranquil trail and riding along the creek looking up at the awesome purple winter sky.

I soaked it in until my toes got a numb. It’s gonna warm up later this week.


Hand in Glove…

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The sun does shine out of your behind when you’re sporting these Pearl Izumi Soft Shell Lite gloves.

The temps haven’t plunged much lower than the high 20s so far in Pittsburgh. I’ve sweated my hands off wearing the old Pearl Lobster Claws lately. My old Cannondale lightweight winter gloves finally shit the bed at Hartwood last week, so I picked up these Soft Shell gloves.

They fit perfectly and with precision. My hands are staying warm and dry in the 30 degree temps. I bet they’ll be good down to 20 for me. We’ll see. I really like the full articulation the fit provides. I can almost play a barre chord with these bad boys on.

There’s ample padding in the palms and a terry thumb to wipe the snot off my nose. The reflective strips on the top give a little extra flicker at night. What’s not to like? I have great luck with all kinds of Pearl Izumi products. I have a head band that is 15 years old and still kicking. I bet I’ll get at least two winters out of these guys.

Cleaning up the Shoppe

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I like wrenching on bikes as much as I like riding them. I’ve turned my basement into pretty much a full-service bike shop. I can’t remember the last time I actually had to take my bike into the LBS for repairs. Fall was super busy and Christmas whipped on by and my “shoppe” has become a bit cluttered. I’m feeling listless and in the “New Year, New Shoppe” spirit so I spent a couple of hours cleaning up.

I have 4 drop bars and 6 mountain riser bars of all brands, material, etc. If you want a free bar, drop me a line. I’m never gonna use them. I also found my BB30 bearing for my road bike! And I also found 16 spokes from building my Rolling Darryls. Man I lose stuff!

My work bench was getting out of control.

I also set up my new compressor and snapped a few tubeless tires into place on my Waltworks. My Spearfish is next in line for a tubeless set up. Nothing beats a $40, 1/3 HP, oil-less compressor from Harbor Freight. I could even start my own airbrushing business with this baby. Who wants a license plate with an 1987 IROC Z Camaro under palm tree at sun set?

This baby was a X-Mas gift from my wife! I'll set up your tubeless tires for beer.

…as well as really great beer, maple syrup, and all the winter-wonder-riding you can shake a stick at!  Happy New Year from the Big North Woods!  Ringing it in in true Frick Park Kid regalia, there was fat bike riding and a libation or two involved.  Mercer, WI is about an hour north of Minocqua and wedged between the Turtle Flambeau Flowage lake(where I was camped out) and Highway 51.  Crisp!, clean winter weather, great trail conditions, and all the frozen lakes you’d ever want to ride over, Mercer is definitely a must-do in the book of “Must-Do’s” in the Fat Bikeism arts.  Real twisty single track, snow-covered dirt roads, xc ski touring trails and the odd snow mobile trail make this place shine.  With such a mixed bag, I was happy to have all three chain rings up front, and the average spread of cogs in the back.  Fluctuating between 5 and 10 psi, depending, I was able to get a leg over just about everything from deep snow to ice and hard pack.  Great local bars tucked way back in the woods make for good night-time haunts that are only accessible by skis, fat bike, or snow mobile.  Pugsley Rentals at local bike shops about an hour away also make it easier to get out and give these trails a whirl.  I’d also like to give a shout out to my friend and local tour guide Adam Bramm.  I hope you “find your bike”.  Mercer, WI, get up there and ride.  You’d be stupid not to.


A dreary but pretty day on the banks of the Monongahela River

Pugs like puddles! On the way to the Carrie Furnace.

December is going down as one mushy month in Pittsburgh. Luckily, Pugs love the mush, but I’m getting a little bored with it. It’s been two solid months of goosh. When’s the cold snap gonna hit? Ah, I’ll stop my complaining now. Enjoy the pics of White Ops on her way down to the Carrie Furnace.

Nine Mile Run Meets the Monongahela River

Cold muddy ride ends up at the mouth of Nine Mile Run. Ahh, a mushy December in Pittsburgh.

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Tales from “Up Nort”

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These are from my friend Geoff who’s up in Minnesota and training for the Arrowhead 135:

“I was out this morning and took these around mile forty. The windchill
was about 4 degrees so yes that is a five inch icicle hanging from my
face mask. Sorry to make you jealous Max but I had to share these
images with some other pugsleyphiles.”