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There's a tire with 0 PSI!

Cold as all crap outside. A dusting of snow. Time to suit up for a sweet fat bike ride.

After two hours of tearing Frick and its companion slags a new one, I went from 4 PSI to 0 PSI! I’m at the farthest possible distance out from my house. Deep in the slags. No tube or pump. I put  10 ounces of Stans in each tube to keep this shit from happening.

Oh well. I got to reminisce about floating through the moto track around the radio towers and shredding the Irish Trail. Sissy little ruts just melted under my 4 inches of goodness. Lots of playing around on the steeps. So much to think about on my 2-mile walk home through Swissvale.

I patched the tube at home and added more Stans. I guess I gotta carry a tube and pump with me. Luckily the tires slide right off my Rolling Darryls. Way easier than the Large Marges. I think it’s because the Darryls have a lower profile. All’s well that ends well I suppose. Kinda weird my first flat on this bike in more than a year. My last flat was right in front of my house tooling around and I ran over a big-ass screw.


Wow, I’ve been whining about mud and balmy temps. We finally got a little snow. Maybe two or three inches. Just enough to start having fun on a Pug.

After sitting in traffic for an hour to get home, I headed out as fast as I could to get my 4-inch tires floating. I saw a few dudes rocking cross bikes. Suckers! They were cutting through it, I was floating!

I stuck to mostly the walking paths in Frick Park. Tooled down Braddock’s Trail and connected to the quasi single track along Nine MIle run to head out to the slags. I made figure 8s and sweet S’s in the gravel lot outside of the slags and spun down and then up to Summerset. I even explored the marsh lands around Nine Mile Run.

I headed back into the park proper and climbed Riverview to the top and circled the dog park and then dropped down the Bench Trail for a little more single track action. Total control. Pugsley was devouring it all. I headed to the Nature Center Trail. I avoided the wooden bridges as Pugsley has slow reactions. I kept it high and dry with a shit-eating grin plastered to my face dropping down to the Tranquil trail and riding along the creek looking up at the awesome purple winter sky.

I soaked it in until my toes got a numb. It’s gonna warm up later this week.

A dreary but pretty day on the banks of the Monongahela River

Pugs like puddles! On the way to the Carrie Furnace.

December is going down as one mushy month in Pittsburgh. Luckily, Pugs love the mush, but I’m getting a little bored with it. It’s been two solid months of goosh. When’s the cold snap gonna hit? Ah, I’ll stop my complaining now. Enjoy the pics of White Ops on her way down to the Carrie Furnace.

Nine Mile Run Meets the Monongahela River

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Nine Mile Run Meets the Monongahela River

Cold muddy ride ends up at the mouth of Nine Mile Run. Ahh, a mushy December in Pittsburgh.

You Need At Least 80MM Rims to be Happy

Posted: December 27, 2011 by jonnykman in FaTech
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There, I said it.

I upgraded to 80 mm rims. Rolling Darryls all the way. Sram X9 hub out back and Surly New Single Speed up front. DT spokes, straight gauge. They laced up nice with linseed oil and dished perfectly with the Surly Spacer Tool Thingy.

Why did I do it?:

  • Boredom
  • I believe all of Salsa’s fat bike spin and they dig 80mm rims
  • I’m seeing more stock Pugs and other fat bikes with Large Marge rims on the trail and now I have a complex
  • Bigger is better

Am I happier? Sure!

Happier with a Moonlander? Who Knows, Rolling Darryls will suffice for now.

I had to make a few simple mods to keep the chain from rubbing my even more bulbous tires as Surly warns on its site. It was super easy. I’ll tell ya how later.


Max Got a Pug for X-MAS

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I had to keep it a secret from my best friend for like a whole month. Geez. Max is one lucky dude (soon to be contributor to 4 P.S.I.). His wife called me all the way from Madison before Thanksgiving looking for my input on his Pugsley. What’s not to like? Just get it for him. And God bless her, she did! She went with the complete. I pushed her for the Black Ops now Necromancer, but there ain’t no shame in 65mm rims.

I can now say I’ve at least got bigger rims than Max since I just built up my Rolling Darryls. We’ve got matching bikes, but what else would you expect from hetero life partners ;-)?

So Max called me a few days ago to give me the news and I was so glad he finally got the damned thing. I nearly let the cat out of the bag a few times. I was taunting him with pics from last actual snow ride. (See previous post.) So all is right with the world. Max gets a Pugsley. The only problem is that he’s a time zone away and we can’t ride. I’ll be Hans Solo on my “White Ops” Pug.

Where’s the Snow?

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Last year at this time, I was floating on the crust like no one’s business. Lots of snow on the ground and swirling in the air. Frick Park didn’t know what hit it. Of course, you can have tons of fun on your Pugsley or fat bike of choice with no snow, but floating on on fresh powder or bumping over crusty ruts makes it all the more satisfying.

Pittsburgh got about an inch of snow a couple of weeks ago. I woke up on a Sunday morning and saw a coating. I was smart and suited up fast. Got two hours of hell raising in throughout the slags at Frick Park before it all started to melt by noon. It’s been raining ever since. I feel like I need a set of Nates to deal with all of the mud and squish. Here are a few shots from the ride.

Like I said, it was just a coating of snow!

The Slags at Frick Park are pretty with a coating of fresh snow.

A commanding view from the 1X1 Torsion bar.