Matt Reed-All the People That I Know


The Milenium Falcon-  Because it can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs!

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera

The most bad-ass car ever made. Understated, elegant and mean. Maybe cooler than a Pugsley.

Elm Street Pizza, Edgewood

Nothing beats homemade pizza after churning and burning on your Pugsley all afternoon. Damn straight!

Just Coffee-Madison, WI

Based out of the East Side(Oh yeah, there’s a big difference), Just Coffee has been the voice of reason in a sea of trendy swill pedlars for years.  By paying their coffee farmers a living wage, Just Coffee allows you the consumer to purchase coffee without lying awake at night.  At least because of their practices and not the actual caffeine.  They’re the only get up and go I need in the morning. With a number of choices out there, I tend to lean to the darker side of the force.  Maya Superdark is a must have, Bike Fuel gets the job done, and Revolution Roast packs a punch, and pays tribute to one of my favorite bike shops in Madison, Revolution Cycles.  So, if drinking glorified dish water has you down, wrap your taste buds around this and put a little spring in your step. Oh, and they make all of their deliveries within a 20 mile radius by bike, too!

Furthermore “Three Feet Deep”

beerMore than just your typical Dry Irish Stout, Aran Madden over at Furthermore Brewery takes it to the limit, one more time.  Where others tend to fizzle out on the back end of that first sip, Three Feet Deep culminates a dry front end and finishes round and earthy.  Peaty, even.  If you’ve ever smelled turf burning and wondered what it would taste like, not in a weird way, now you can.  It’s this smoky malt goodness that has this stout setting the bar even higher than before.  Finishing at 14.4 degrees plato, body wise, Three Feet Deep is a Fly Weight but it punches like a Middle Weight.  Complex, warm, and malty, I’m digging this beer like a ditch.  So drop that zero(in your hand), and get with the hero.


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